Moving to Nevada on Medicare

For individuals over 65, moving states can be a difficult process. With regard to health insurance, it can be nearly impossible. Enrolling in Medicare Nevada creates its own problems. Many Medicare plans allow you to move states, but others don’t. And if you are over 65 going from company-provided insurance to Medicare, a Supplement or Advantage plan may or may not be available to you. Here are a few examples of clients of ours who have moved to Nevada, and the situations they have encountered:

Moving to Nevada on a Medicare Supplement

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement there is no need to enroll in Medicare Nevada. Moving to Nevada on Medicare Supplement plans is easy. Supplement plans cover doctors across the US. When you purchase the plan, you are offered the plans that are available in your state. After the purchase is made you can move without affecting the renewal rate or plan benefits.

Moving to Nevada on a Medicare Advantage

If you currently have a Medicare Advantage plan and you are moving to Nevada there are a few different options, but keeping your plan isn’t one of them. Medicare Advantage plans keep their prices low by restricting the number of doctors you can see. When you move to a different state you need to be able to access doctors near your new residence. Therefore, if you lose access to your doctors because you’re moving to Nevada on Medicare Advantage plan, you have a guaranteed issue right. This means insurance companies can’t refuse to sell you a medical policy.

This means that any person without End Stage Renal Disease can purchase a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan as if they were in open enrollment. They do not need to answer health questions (other than ESRD). Individuals WITH End Stage Renal Disease can still purchase a Medicare Supplement plan without a rate up!

Moving to Nevada from a Company’s health plan

If you are losing coverage through an employer and moving to Nevada, you may elect Medicare part B through Ending coverage through an employer triggers an 8 month window for eligibility. Once your Part B is in place you can elect a supplement or advantage plan. If you miss this window, or elect COBRA through your former employer, your next opportunity to sign up for Part B will be between January 1st and March 31st of each year. Your part B will begin July 1st and your supplement or advantage plan can start at that time as well.

No matter what the situation, if you have questions about how your Medicare coverage works in Nevada please give us a call.

Moving to Nevada on Medicare

Moving to Nevada on Medicare