Hometown Health Medicare

Hometown Health Medicare

Hometown Health

Hometown Health Medicare is offering Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2021.  If you are turning 65 soon then you will be eligible to sign up for Medicare with Hometown Health.  This will be a great plan for anyone eligible for Medicare.  Additionally, if you are already enrolled in a Hometown Health plan this plan is great because you will just keep your same Hometown doctors.  It will be a seamless transition to Medicare.  However, if you were to go to a different Medicare plan, you may have to choose from a different list of doctors.

First Things First

Before you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan you need to be enrolled in Original Medicare.  Original Medicare consists of parts A and B.  You can sign up for part C once enrolled in Parts A and B.  People know Part C as Medicare Advantage.  Many Part C plans have Part D included in the plan.  What is Part D you ask?  Part D is what covers the beneficiary’s prescriptions.  Many Medicare Advantage plans help cover the costs for those prescriptions, and that is why it is very important to either sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan that has Part D built into the plan or to purchase a Part D plan independent of the Medicare Advantage plan.  While there are many Part C plans that include Part D, I recommend the Renown Preferred Plan.

Enroll in the Renown Medicare plan by clicking on that link!

Local Medicare

If you are looking for a local Medicare Advantage provider then Renown Medicare Advantage is an option for you.  Renown is a local hospital here in Reno with local doctors and services.  One of those local services is urgent care.  There are dedicated urgent care centers for members of Hometown Health.  Another local perk that comes with being a Hometown member is having a hospital that has been established in Nevada for many decades.