Medicare Advantage With Renown

Renown Preferred Plan


Getting a Renown Medicare Advantage policy will get even easier in 2021. With this plan, you will be getting Medicare with Hometown Health. Hometown Health is one of the largest local insurance companies in Northern Nevada. In 2021 they will be releasing their brand-new Medicare Advantage plan called Renown Preferred Plan. The Renown Preferred Plan is going to replace the “Value Rx” plan from Senior Care Plus. This plan will only be available in Washoe County. This plan will give you great access to doctors across the valley.


Enroll in the Renown Medicare plan by clicking on that link!

Keeping the same Doctors

On the Renown Preferred Plan, you have access to all the Renown doctors in the Reno/Sparks area. Renown also has eleven urgent care locations across the valley and in the rural areas. If you were coming off of a Hometown Health Individual or group plan then you get to keep your current doctor as all Renown doctors take this plan. You can find the doctor list here on Hometown Health’s website.


Access to Reno’s Biggest Trauma Center

Hometown Health is owned by the Renown Regional Medical Center. This means that when you have the Renown Preferred Plan you have access to the region’s largest trauma center. Along with the trauma center you also have access to all the urgent cares around the area. There are also plenty of options outside of the Renown hospitals with private facilities throughout the area. By searching the provider directory, you can search for your doctor.


Getting Medicare Advantage with Renown

The Renown Preferred Plan will be coming out for the year 2021. The first day you are able to sign up for it will be October 15th, the beginning of the Medicare annual enrollment period. If you need help signing up you can contact us here at Health Benefits Associates. We are here to assist you and can help you enroll in Medicare with Hometown Health.  We do not charge any fees for our service.