Medicare Supplement in Reno

Medicare Supplement in Reno

Medicare Supplement Reno

Medicare Supplement in Reno covers the gaps that Original Medicare does not cover.  Original Medicare-Parts A and B cover 80%, while Medicare Supplement covers the remaining 20%.  In addition to gap coverage, Medicare Supplement has a broad range of providers to choose from.  Please look here to read a great description of Original Medicare.

The Gap

The gap does not seem that large until you think about how expensive certain medical bills can be.  Imagine that you are rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after a bad fall.  You are admitted for two nights and you are then under observation for an additional two days, and finally, once home, you have physical therapy appointments as part of your recovery.  That scenario could cost tens and thousands of dollars. Imagine next you only have Orignal Medicare parts A and B.  That leaves you with the “gap” of 20% of that final bill.  That could end up being well over $5,000 and possibly much more.  This is where a Medicare Supplement plan is vital to bringing health care costs down.


There are a number of choices as to which Medicare Supplement Plan to choose from.  Let’s consider my clients here in Reno.  Not only have I have been suggesting Medicare Supplement, but I also recommend Plan G.  Additionally, Plan G has the richest benefits to the other plans.  However, that comes at a cost that can be quite manageable for many people.  There is a maximum out-of-pocket cost which as of the date I am writing this article is $198.00 per calendar year.  Keep in mind these rates do increase yearly.  If you were to come in for an appointment to discuss Medicare I would show you a table with all the Supplement plans and their benefits.

In Closing

Medicare Supplement in Reno will provide coverage around the country to any provider that accepts Medicare.  Regardless if you’re in New York or Pflugerville Texas.  That alone makes the Supplement plans such an attractive choice for folks turning 65 here in the Reno area.  In addition, the monthly premium for such rich benefits is a dream for most people that are coming off an expensive individual health plan.