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Nevada Group Health Insurance in 2021

What is available?

There are many companies that are available for Nevada group health insurance in 2021. In 2021 there have been a few new companies that have been added to the mix as well. Friday Health Plans is a new carrier that started in Nevada late in 2020. In Nevada, you will have options that include the large companies such as Anthem and United. You also have local companies to choose from like Hometown Health (Owned by Renown Hospital) and Prominence Health Plan.


Qualifying for Group Coverage

The first step in getting Nevada group health insurance in 2021 is knowing if you qualify for it. Qualifications very from company to company so in the case we will use Hometown Health as an example. First step in qualifying is having W2 employees who are not married to the owner. Once you have that established you may look at the other qualifying steps. Each carrier has its own rules on the percentage of enrolled employees needed but with Hometown, you only need 50% to sign up. Employers will then have to decide on how much they want to contribute to an employees plan. The minimum amount that an employer has to contribute is 50% of the lowest costing (Base) plan. They can offer up to three plans but only have to pay for the base plan.



Applying for Nevada group health insurance in 2021 comes with choices. You can choose between an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). The biggest difference between the two is how easy it is to access a specialist. On an HMO plan, you must go to your primary care physician before you can see a specialist. Your primary will then give you a referral to a specialist. On a PPO plan, you are able to schedule an appointment with a specialist without having to see your primary.


Who can Help me?

Our team of local brokers are experts in the group health insurance field. Give one of our brokers a call today and we can get a quote over to you soon.