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Renown Doctors Switching to NNMG

Renown Doctors are switching to Northern Nevada Medical Group

The year 2021 is bringing a lot of changes. Some of those changes include doctors switching networks. There have been a few doctors who have made the switch from other networks over to Northern Nevada Medical Group. Specifically, Renown doctors switching to NNMG (Northern Nevada Medical Group).

Saint Marys to Northern Nevada

The group is bringing over a mix of doctors from Saint Marys as well as Renown. The doctor coming from Saint Marys is Dr Kosta Arger specializing in pulmonology. Dr Kosta Arger has been in the medical field for 41 years. Dr. Arger attended the University of Washington School of Medicine and graduated in 1979.


Renown Doctors Switching to NNMG

The list gets much bigger when we look at the doctors that are switching from renown over to Northern Nevada Medical Group. The list of doctors consists of Dr. Letitia Anderson (cardiology), Dr. John Watson (Internal Medicine), Dr. Marie McCormack (Family Medicine), Dr. Tibor Toplenzky (Urgent Care), and Dr. Carrie Yamamoto (Pulmonary). Dr. Marie McCormack come to Northern Nevada with 28 years of experience in the medical field and she specializes in family medicine. Dr McCormack graduated from the University of Nevada School of Medicine.


How can I see these doctors?

In order to see the doctors that have been listed above you will have to find a plan that will cover Northern Nevada Medical Group. The plan that will ensure you are able to see these doctors is Prominence Health Plan. Prominence and Northern Nevada Medical Group are both owed by UHS. In order to enroll in Prominence you will need both Medicare parts A and B. After being Medicare eligible you are able to enroll in a plan with Prominence. To get a full list of doctors you can search their directory. If you need to enroll in Prominence, reach out to us, we are local brokers who specialize in Medicare.