Nevada Medicare: Eligibility

Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility

Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility

Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility is important to retirees moving here.  Many of these folks are retiring here.  Especially in Northern Nevada, people come here for the natural beauty and slower pace of life.  This is compared to our neighbor to the south, Las Vegas.  Retirees have a great option for healthcare here in Nevada.  Medicare is available here for people retiring around the age of 65.  Also, people who are on Social Security Disability may be eligible for Medicare before turning 65.

Part A and Part B

Part A and B is Original Medicare.  C is also known as Medicare Advantage.  D is a prescription drug plan.  Part A is available at no charge for legal residents who have worked in the U.S. for at least 10 years or 40 Quarters.  Part B comes with a monthly premium and this is available around the age of 65.  Also, available to those who are on disability. Part C is available to those who have Part A and Part B.  Many of the Part C plans include Part D.

Part B

Part B Nevada Medicare Plans and eligibility is available for people on disability for at least 24 months.  Otherwise, it is for people who are turning 65.  This window opens 3 months before turning 65.  The month that you turn 65, and three months after.  There is an exception to this rule.  That is if you are or have been enrolled in a qualified employer plan.  Many people wait to sign for Part B if they fall under this scenario.  That is because Part B has a monthly premium.  If one is on an employer plan, they should probably wait for Part B.

Part C

Part C is known as Medicare Advantage. These plans are available to those enrolled in Parts A and B.  Many Medicare Advantage Plans here in Nevada have great benefits.  This is the only option for people on disability who are under 65 if they want additional coverage to Parts A and B.


Nevada Medicare falls under the same federal guidelines as other states.  However, with the population booming, many retirees are facing decisions.  Decisions such as to keep working or retire. That is why it is very important to know all of your options when it comes to Medicare.  It can be detrimental if a timeline is missed and a lifetime penalty is incurred.  It is important to talk to a licensed Medicare advisor.  An advisor who lives in Nevada and is familiar with all of the ins and outs of Medicare in Nevada.