November 25, 2020

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Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility

Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility Nevada Medicare Plans: Eligibility is important to retirees moving here.  Many of these folks are retiring here.  Especially in Northern Nevada, people come here for the natural beauty and slower pace of life.  This is compared… Read More

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Medicare Part B Enrollment in Nevada

Medicare Part B Enrollment Nevada Medicare Part B enrollment in Nevada falls under the guidelines set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  There is great information on the Medicare.Gov federal website.  There are a couple of paths to… Read More

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Can Medicare Plans Really Be $0??

$0 Medicare Plans There really are many $0 Medicare plans that provide all the coverage you would need. These plans include major medical coverage, prescriptions, and extra benefits. These are Part C Medicare Advantage plans. You might have heard of… Read More

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Prominence Medicare Plan

Prominence Medicare Plans Prominence Medicare Plans are Medicare Advantage Plans.  A local insurance company here in Reno.  It is a subsidiary of United Health Services. Prominence is becoming more prominent in Northern Nevada. For instance, contracted hospitals include St Mary’s,… Read More

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Reno Medicare Advantage Plans

Reno Medicare Advantage Plans Here in Reno, there are several Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.  This can be daunting and confusing.  Especially with all of the materials being sent out when you are close to a 65th birthday.  It… Read More

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