Prominence Medicare Plan

Prominence Medicare Plan

Prominence Medicare Plans

Prominence Medicare Plans are Medicare Advantage Plans.  A local insurance company here in Reno.  It is a subsidiary of United Health Services. Prominence is becoming more prominent in Northern Nevada. For instance, contracted hospitals include St Mary’s, Northern Nevada Medical Group, and Carson-Tahoe Hospital.  The Prominence Plan falls under the same rules as other Medicare Advantage Plans.  These plans are much different than Supplement plans.


To sign up for a Prominence Medicare plan you must be signed up for Parts A and B.  This is true for any Advantage plan.  Enrolling in Part A requires you have worked in the U.S. for 10 years.  If you don’t meet that criterion you can pay a monthly charge for Part A.  If you are on disability you do not have to be 65.  However, Part B enrollment does not happen automatically.  Additionally, you must enroll in Part B through the Social Security Administration.

What Original Medicare Covers

Original Medicare covers about 80% of your medical costs.  Moreover, Part A covers 80% of hospital visits.  Part B covers 80% of doctor visits.  Meanwhile, Medicare Advantage plans cover the remaining 20%.  Keep in mind, this is why it is important to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.  Most importantly, you do not want to be left paying 20% of a large hospital bill.  That could get very expensive!

Prominence Benefits

Prominence Medicare Advantage plans have low co-pays.  They also offer other benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing.  In addition, the Prominence plan offers prescription drug coverage.  For more information on the specifics call our office.  There are 7 licensed Medicare advisors in my office.  Bear in mind you have until December 7th to shop for different plans.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait until next year.  October 15th to be exact.  These dates apply to Part D prescription plans as well.  We can discuss Part D when you call as well.

In Closing

In closing, the Medicare Advantage market has become more competitive than ever.  Before signing up with a Medicare Advantage plan, talk to a local advisor.  Calling an 800 number for Medicare Advantage will not inform you about your local options. This is another reason why it is important to call an insurance office here in Reno/Sparks.  Nevadans, working with and for other Nevadans. That is what you get when you call a local office.  Knowledgeable, caring, and consistent.  Those are the qualities we provide here in my office.