Medicare Part B Enrollment in Nevada

Medicare Part B Enrollment in Nevada

Medicare Part B Enrollment Nevada

Medicare Part B enrollment in Nevada falls under the guidelines set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  There is great information on the Medicare.Gov federal website.  There are a couple of paths to sign up and become eligible for Part B.  I will go over those in this article.

Part B Eligibility Prior to Age 65

There is one path to becoming eligible for Part B, before turning 65.  That is to be on Social Security Disability.  One must be on disability for at least 24 months to be eligible for Part B if under 65.  You may choose to delay signing up for Part B if you are still working.  You will get your Medicare Card around three months before your 25th month of disability.

Part B: Turning 65

There is a seven-month window to sign up for Part B.  This begins three months before turning 65. The month turning 65, and three months after turning 65.  Keep in mind, there are alternatives to this.  If covered by an employer plan many people decide to delay this step.  This is because there is a monthly premium for Part B.


Oftentimes there is a lifetime penalty if you do not sign up for Part B in that 7-month window.  However, if you are on an employer plan this is usually waived.  As long as the employer plan is credible coverage then there will not be a penalty.  After leaving an employer plan, you have 8 months to sign up for Part B.  This is called the Special Enrollment Period.  The penalty is usually not enforced if you sign up during the SEP.  Please look at the website for specific details.


Medicare Part B enrollment in Nevada must follow the strict guidelines that other states adhere to.  When signing up for Part B it is very important to make sure that you are aware of the dates.  These dates can be the difference between having a lifetime penalty and not.  Please start early and be proactive in your Medicare coverage.  Please call us here at Health Benefits Associates for further information.