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Employer Health Insurance Plans

Are you an employer looking for a new health insurance plan? As a health insurance broker, we help employers obtain the most competitively priced employer health insurance plans. We have been doing this in the Reno area for over 30… Read More

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Group Insurance Plan Alternates

Group health insurance costs have been increasing. As a result, many companies I work with have been looking for other lower costing group insurance plan alternates. All of the group health insurance small business plans that I’m finding fit into 3… Read More

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Switching Group Health Insurance Reno

A health insurance broker loves to talk about all the advantages of switching group health insurance companies, but they never talk about the pitfalls. Today I’m going to review the top 5 pitfalls when shopping or switching group health insurance Reno… Read More

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Group Insurance Reno

Northern Nevada has many health insurance companies that offer group insurance Reno health insurance policies. Hometown Health Plan Hometown Health Plan offers eleven different plan designs for Reno group insurance.  Hometown offers both HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred… Read More

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