Group Insurance Reno

Northern Nevada has many health insurance companies that offer group insurance Reno health insurance policies.

Hometown Health Plan

Hometown Health Plan offers eleven different plan designs for Reno group insurance.  Hometown offers both HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) physician lists. Each one has 11 plans. All employers can choose up to three group health insurance plans for their employees for each plan year. Hometown has made it simple to buy. You can choose the same plan design in either a PPO or HMO version.

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For 2017, Anthem will be offering over 39 different group health insurance plans.  Of these, 35 are PPO plans, and 4 are HMO plans. 6 of the Anthem PPO plans are HSA (Health Savings Account) compatible. This is an average offering from Anthem. They usually come out with a lot of options and that’s what they have done in 2017.


Prominence Health Plan will be offering 34 different HMO group insurance Reno plans for 2017.  15 of these plans offer PPO benefits, in addition to their HMO benefits. This year, Prominence Health Plans, like Hometown Health Plans, will allow their Reno group health insurance employers to choose up to three plans for the 2017 benefit offering. Prominence has always been a solid company and works best with St. Marys hospital and urgent cares.

Rates for Small Employers – those with between 2 and 50 employees will no longer be offered composite rates. Composite rates gave the same rate regardless of your age. Composite rates offer 4 rates to choose from – 1. Employee 2. Employee & Spouse 3. Employee + Children and 4. Employee + Family. When you average out everyone’s rate you slightly favor the older individuals but it makes it much harder to convince younger employees to elect the plan. Younger employees might be able to find it less expensive buying individual plans.

The Affordable Care Act ( ObamaCare) now governs the rating methods for Small Employers and all group health insurance companies now offer only age rates. This means that every age, 20 to 64 has a different rate. Gender doesn’t matter.

If you are looking for quotes from the most competitively priced Reno group health insurance companies, please let us know.  With no cost to you, we will provide comparisons of the best plans that will meet your specifications.

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