Sign up for Part A and B of Medicare The first step to getting the new Renown Medicare Advantage plan is to make sure you are signed up for Original Medicare. To do that you will go to the Social Security Administration’s website and click “apply for Medicare only”. Once you complete that step you… Read More

Are you an employer looking for a new health insurance plan? As a health insurance broker, we help employers obtain the most competitively priced employer health insurance plans. We have been doing this in the Reno area for over 30 years. Quite often we receive calls from dissatisfied employers that want to change their coverage.… Read More

In recent years, the Reno health insurance market has seen a reduction in available insurance companies for individuals and families. Effective January 1, 2017 every health insurance company in Nevada’s individual and family market removed their nationwide network for routine medical care. For consumers who regularly travel outside of Nevada and need providers in other… Read More

Currently, under the Affordable Care Act, all US Citizens are required to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan. Qualified Health Plans include the 10 Essential Health Benefits and cannot deny applicants based on preexisting conditions. Since the implementation of Qualified Health Plans in 2014, Reno health insurance options have decreased while premiums have steadily increased.… Read More

New Special Enrollment Period Every year, individuals and families enroll in or renew their coverage during the Open Enrollment period. The deadline to enroll was between November 1st and December 15th. Due to special circumstances, some Nevadans qualify for a new Special Enrollment Period to enroll in coverage starting February 1st or March 1st. The Nevada… Read More

As a health insurance broker, Our office offers health insurance Nevada plans for every insurance company in Nevada. As I go through the year though, I’ve noticed clients tend to start buying the cheapest plan from each insurance company. People are using the same reasoning to get to these 3 or 4 plans and I would… Read More

Group health insurance costs have been increasing. As a result, many companies I work with have been looking for other lower costing group insurance plan alternates. All of the group health insurance small business plans that I’m finding fit into 3 main categories. I’d like to clarify the differences between the 3 types of group insurance… Read More

Open Enrollment Changes Every year, you can enroll or renew your individual medical insurance during ACA Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment extended from November 1st through January 31st in previous years. Recently, the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a few new Open Enrollment changes for 2018. From now on Open Enrollment will start on November 1st, but will… Read More

Effective April 1st, 2017 Prominence Health Plan will no longer be routing their incoming consumer calls to Accolade. Accolade, a third party organization, started assisting Prominence members in September 2015. As a result, consumers received more streamlined assistance with their policies. Their role in the past few years was to provide customer support to insured members… Read More

Have you ever received a medical bill that does not add up to the benefits on your health insurance policy? Is your Explanation of Benefits also confusing you? In the video below, we review the importance of reconciling provider invoices with your Explanation of Benefits. Explanation of Benefits’ abbreviation is ‘EOB’. Your insurance company issues… Read More