Prominence Health Plan Parts Ways with Accolade

Effective April 1st, 2017 Prominence Health Plan will no longer be routing their incoming consumer calls to Accolade. Accolade, a third party organization, started assisting Prominence members in September 2015. As a result, consumers received more streamlined assistance with their policies. Their role in the past few years was to provide customer support to insured members of Prominence. Accolade’s personalized approach to the customer service concept allowed insured members to designate a specific representative for all questions. This representative also assisted members with claims issues and internal appeals.

Over the past few months, Prominence also revamped their services and products to maintain a competitive position in the market. After Accolade’s brief partnership with Prominence, the insurance company will now be deferring customer service phone calls to a local on-site call center. Even though Prominence will be changing call centers, the member services phone numbers will remain the same. Prominence members enrolled in HMO plans should continue to call (775) 770-9310. If you elected a PPO plan through Prominence, you can reach their customer service department at (775) 770-9312.

History of Prominence Health Plan

Prominence, formerly known as Saint Mary’s Health Plans, is a local insurance company in Nevada and was founded in 1993. With decades of experience in the health insurance world, Prominence offers policies to large employers, small employers, Medicare beneficiaries, and individuals and families. In 2014, Prominence also started offering subsidy-eligible health plans through the exchange.

You can read more of the updates on Prominence Health Plan in our recent video discussion on their upcoming changes. You can watch the video here. For any questions about Prominence or what to expect with their health insurance Nevada plan offerings, give us a call today at (775) 828-1216. One of our licensed brokers will assist you with your Reno health insurance policy and also make sure it is best for your needs.