The Importance of Understanding your EOB

Have you ever received a medical bill that does not add up to the benefits on your health insurance policy? Is your Explanation of Benefits also confusing you? In the video below, we review the importance of reconciling provider invoices with your Explanation of Benefits. Explanation of Benefits’ abbreviation is ‘EOB’. Your insurance company issues an EOB for every medical service you receive. These documents also outline your benefits for each claim. Therefore, it is crucial to balance your EOB with provider bills to make sure you are paying the correct amount for medical treatments.

Knowing Your Coverage

Every health insurance plan has a summary of benefits outlining what your insurance policy covers. The Evidence of Coverage for your policy outlines limitations and exclusions for specific procedures. Therefore, understanding these documents is crucial to truly know your coverage.

If your EOB and provider bill match the out of pocket expenses outlined in your summary of benefits, then you are being charged correctly. If the EOB and provider bill do not match, please contact us for assistance and we will help you resubmit your claims. Resubmitting claims is a common practice in the world of health insurance. One of our licensed brokers will assist you at no cost to you. As your health insurance broker, we can shop all available plans in Nevada.

We can also help you enroll in a Medicare Supplement Reno as well as a Medicare Advantage Reno plan. Give us a call today at (775) 828-1216.