Uninsured Helpline Nevada

As a new member of the health insurance marketplace, it’s easy to always dial the wrong 1-800 numbers and “wrong departments”. In the past there was one universal uninsured helpline. You would be able to contact them about all health insurance related question. Today it now depends on what the question is. First of all there are a few easy rules to follow if you’re attempting to contact the uninsured helpline. It’s especially important to not confuse Healthcare.gov, the Health Insurance Marketplace, Obamacare, your health insurance broker and contacting the insurance company directly. These are not the same.

The first is, if you have a private (non Healthcare.gov) individual plan (such as Hometown Health) This is probably the easiest. Therefore there is no need to contact Healthcare.gov for anything. Your contract is direct with the insurance company and the insurance company or your broker can answer all of your questions.

For on-exchange clients, receiving a subsidy through Healthcare.gov…

Contact the Exchange (1-800-318-2596) due to problems such as:

  • Canceling the policy
  • Confirming your correct income, mailing address or contact information

Contact your Broker for:

  • Due to adding a spouse, new child or new dependent
  • Finding a new policy for an individual aging off the plan (turning 26)
  • Due to a move to a new state or coverage area
  • As a result of updating your income, mailing address or contact information
  • Miscellaneous questions (including who to contact!)

Contact the Insurance Company for:

  • Due to making a payment
  • Confirming Healthcare.gov sent the correct information
  • Finding the details of your plan benefits

Most of all, feel free to contact us by calling our uninsured helpline: 775-828-1216.

For group health insurance plans, (plans through employers) you can contact us directly with your questions.

Uninsured Helpline Nevada