United Healthcare in Nevada

Nevada MLR Rebates

This year United Healthcare in Nevada overcharged their members. Now they must pay members back for the high rates. Insurers must use at least 80% of the money they take in from premiums on health care costs and quality improvement. The other 20% may go to administrative, overhead and marketing costs. This is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act. However United failed to meet this requirement. They’re now in the process of rebating their members back for over-collected premium.


Premium payments usually come as a check in the mail. For small businesses, this check will come to the business itself. Most businesses collect a portion of the health insurance premiums from their employees. Therefore this means the rebate comes from both the employer and the employee. Because of this, most business owners are using the rebate in a way that benefits both the employees and the company. For example a direct reduction in future months insurance premiums.

Reno health insurance plans have been increasing in price. However, United Healthcare in Nevada came out with rate reductions for groups. The average for our groups is about a 6% rate reduction. Therefore this puts them in line to be the second lowest priced small business carrier we have.

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United Healthcare in Nevada is paying these rebates on plans issued under their parent company and their subsidiary Sierra Health and Life. Most importantly these are only for small group plans, not individual plans.


United Healthcare in Nevada operates under 3 branches. First is their master company United Healthcare. Second is their local PPO branch, Sierra Health and Life. The third is their HMO branch Health Plan of Nevada. In southern Nevada, these plans are very popular due to the large selection of United Healthcare hospitals and facilities. However, in northern Nevada, United Healthcare providers are more limited. Individual plans are offered from United through their HMO branch, Health Plan of Nevada.

Here is the release from United

And the Healthcare.gov info about rate review.