AARP Medicare Reno Plans are Available Today

United HealthCare owns AARP. People can get AARP Medicare Reno plans when they are 65 or older. The applicant must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B to get a plan. People can apply for these plans at any point of the year. Depending on your circumstance, you may not need to answer health questions when applying for an AARP Medicare Reno plan. You can learn more about your enrollment requirements by watching this video on our website.

AARP Medicare Reno plans are Medigap plans. Medigap plans are commonly referred to as Medicare supplement Reno policies. These plans cover the out of pocket expenses that Original Medicare does not pay for. With an AARP Medicare Reno plan, you will need to get a Part D prescription drug plan. Applicants can choose a Part D plan with any insurance company.

AARP Medicare Reno plans give people the flexibility of using doctors nationwide. Their Medigap plans work with any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare Assignment. These plans work best for people who travel or need specialized care outside of Nevada. To search doctors that accept these plans, you can search them on Medicare’s website.

Plan Benefits and Rates

AARP Medicare Reno plans are priced very competitively in the market. The Plan F and Plan G are some of their most popular policies. Out of every insurance company in Nevada offering these plans, AARP is one of the lowest costing carriers. These plans require applicants to get an AARP Membership before enrolling in Medigap coverage. To determine the cost of these Medigap plans, you can quote them for free on our website.

Annual Enrollment Period

There is no annual Open Enrollment period for AARP Medicare Reno Medigap plans. Once enrolled in a policy, the member is guaranteed coverage as long as premiums are paid timely. The enrolled member must also reside in a county that is eligible for AARP plans. However, people can and should shop for new Part D plans each year. Part D plans do not ask health questions on the application and can be changed each year during the Annual Enrollment Period. To learn more about Part D plans and when to enroll, you can read more here.