On February 20, 2014, federal agencies released new rules for employer waiting periods. The final rule implements a 90 day waiting period as specified by the Affordable Care Act. The 90 day waiting period is a health insurance eligibility provision for small businesses. It mandates that coverage under a group health insurance plan be made… Read More

When starting the search to find a doctor for yourself, it’s important to keep a few things at the top of your mind. To try and keep the cost of your insurance low, insurance companies have formed contracts with doctors. To keep the cost as low as possible for you, try to use doctors who… Read More

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed the landscape for all health insurance companies. Qualified health plans now include the 10 essential health benefits. Many of these benefits existed pre-affordable care act, but now in order to be a Qualified Health Plan, they need to be included. This does not just include “Obamacare” plans. This… Read More

Health Insurance Plan Comparison PPO’s HMO, POS’s WTF’s….. No one is born knowing what these acronym’s mean. It almost seems like health insurance companies use these just to confuse you. When looking through a health insurance plan comparison it’s important to realize the restrictions between each. Each plan listed below has a list of doctors… Read More