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Ambetter Nevada Doctors Lists

As of January 1st, 2018, Ambetter Nevada from SilverSummit Healthplan now offers insurance coverage to Nevada residents in all 17 counties. Their health plans are available through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange in Nevada. In the current coverage period, people can… Read More

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Explanation of Benefit Forms

After you have a hospital stay, it’s the last thing you’ll want to think about:  How much will this really cost, and how much will I owe?  Fortunately, health insurance companies send out a document to help answer this question.… Read More

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New Prescription Challenges

Has your small group health insurance company recently denied your prescription? Are you having prescription drug challenges? Or does your prescription cost a lot more using your new insurance? Prescription drugs continue to exceed the cost of traditional medical care.… Read More

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Affordable Care Act complications

The Affordable Care Act is a complicated law. Many insurance companies are having difficulty first understanding and then complying with the Affordable Care Act. This undoubtedly leaves insured families in an even more confusing position. Traditionally Nevadans have trusted the… Read More

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Free In Person Live Assistance

During the upcoming “Open Enrollment Period”, all Nevadan’s will be asked to re-enroll for a 2015 health insurance plan so that they will have a plan in force during 2015. Even though more than 18,000 Nevadans may have a new… Read More

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