Catastrophic Plans in Nevada

Minimum Essential Coverage

Catastrophic Plans in Nevada

The term catastrophic is often used to describe a health plan that removes most benefits besides limiting your expenses in a year. These plans are the lowest costing policies that you can purchase and still have the minimum amount of protection in case of serious injury or illness. Almost all qualified health insurance companies sell catastrophic plans in Nevada These plans can be a good choice if you want to save on premiums or if you very rarely go to a doctor and are only looking for financial protection. Our office always advises that you purchase a plan such as these at a minimum.

How These Plans Work

A catastrophic plan in Nevada will always have a maximum out of pocket benefit. This is the most you can pay in a year for eligible medical expenses. Currently in Nevada, the highest that amount can be is $7,900. This means any expenses that you incur over that amount will be covered 100% by the insurance company. Most hospital stays (even if for a few nights) go well and above that amount, which is why having one of these plans can be so important. In addition, all catastrophic plans should offer zero dollar preventative services. For example, doctor check-ups or some cancer screenings can also be covered completely by the insurance company.

Policies to Avoid

There are many different plans out there that mask themselves as insurance. Usually, these plans originate outside of Nevada and offer much lower premiums for a seemingly similar policy. The biggest problem with nonqualified insurance is that it lacks catastrophic coverage. Short term, nonqualified plans will usually only reimburse you a flat dollar amount for a service such as going to the doctor or hospital. This can leave you to pay for the remaining bill amount which is almost always substantially more than a flat reimbursement.

As an independent health insurance broker, our office can help you find the best plans for the most affordable price. We will never charge you fees for our services and you will always pay the same amount for the plan. We offer assistance to our clients all throughout the year.