Doctors in Reno

Finding a Doctor in Reno

Doctors in Reno

Once you are enrolled in a Reno health insurance policy, you will need to start looking for a doctor. Finding doctors in Reno that work with your plan will help you save the most money for services. Fortunately, almost every insurance company has an online directory where you can search for doctors. You will need to ensure you use the right list for your plan.

PPO Policies

PPO plans offer the most freedom in terms of finding and using doctors in Reno. These plans usually have more doctors and have out of network coverage. Although, our office suggests avoiding out of network doctors if possible. This is because the cost sharing will be higher than if going to an in-network provider. In addition, PPO plans allow you to see a specialist without a referral from your primary doctor. It is important to look for doctors on either the commercial or individual PPO list. They will each be different and will also be different from the HMO list.

HMO Policies

An HMO plan will have fewer doctors to choose from than the same plan as a PPO would. In addition, HMO plans have no out of network coverage. You will be responsible for 100% of the costs of getting services from out of network doctors. If you are on an individual and family policy, you will not have any doctors outside of Nevada that are covered. Only group plans with certain carriers have national networks. Even though HMO plans do not have out of network coverage, you always have coverage in an emergency. This means you can always go to the nearest hospital and still have it covered as an in-network benefit. As stated before, ensure you are using the HMO doctor list and specifying between group and individual when searching for doctors.

You can find a Reno doctor on our website through that link. If you are not sure about using the correct list, we will also look up the information for you. As your health insurance broker, we do not charge any fees for our services.