Covid-19 Drive Through Test

Drive Through Covid-19 Test

Drive Through Covid-19 Test

There were three reasons for me to get take a drive through Covid-19 Test. The first reason is that I had a symptom listed on CDC’s website.

Secondly, my housemate had a guest over who encountered someone that potentially encountered a person who did test positive for Covid-19.

I spent time with a friend from California, and that is the final reason I got a drive through Covid-19 test.  He stayed with a group of friends while he was visiting. He and this other group had gone out to dinner on multiple occasions with a few different groups of people and, all this contact with others did not put me at ease.

Vetting Process

On a Friday afternoon, I went to the Washoe County Health Department’s website and completed a risk assessment vetting form.  Like I mentioned above I did have a symptom.  I got an email within five minutes stating that I could go to the testing center the following Monday morning to take the drive through Covid-19 test.  Also, it said it takes up to 72 hours to get the results back.

The Test

The drive through Covid-19 test took place in a large parking lot adjacent to the Washoe County Health Department.  There were two lines of cars and what I assume were members of the National Guard at the front of the line checking people in. Without rolling the window down, I showed the guard my paperwork.  A health care worker had me roll my window down, asked my name and why I was there. I answered and she let me know that she would be sticking a nasal swab into both of my nostrils and swirling it around for a few seconds.  It went deep.  The feeling was quite strange and uncomfortable, but it was not painful.

The Results

Just like they said, it took about 3 days for the result to end up in my email.  Luckily, I tested negative for Covid-19.  However, to be honest I did not self-isolate after taking the test.  I did come into contact with people after taking the test.  So, there was a chance I could have been infected after testing negative.  I never did come down with any more symptoms after that initial one. So, if you are feeling any symptoms, I recommend going to get a free drive through Covid-19 test at the Washoe County Health Department.


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