Eligibility for small business health insurance plans

Small business health insurance plans can be a great alternative if you’re eligible. More insurance companies are available, more plans are available from each company and monthly premiums can be paid for pre-tax. However, it’s generally more difficult to start these plans.


  1. A Nevada Quarterly Wage and Contribution report, showing that there are at least two people receiving full-time paychecks. (These two people cannot be a married couple.)
  2. The premium for the first month of coverage must be written from the checking account of the business listed on the Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report.

If these two conditions are met, most insurance companies in Nevada will accept an application for a small business health insurance plan. This is where we here at Health Benefits Associates can help, free of charge. We have access to all group health insurance plans available to small businesses with less than 50 employees. Here in Northern Nevada, we work with the most competitively priced companies. This includes Hometown Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield, United Health Insurance, Prominence Health Plans, Aetna, and others. With just the employee’s ages and zip codes, we will bid all competitive small business health insurance plans for you. We then put this in an easy to read a report that lines out service for service, which company is better.



The largest benefit of starting a small business health insurance plan is not the ability to get lower premiums. Although the premiums are lower, the LARGEST benefit is the ability to pre-tax the monthly premium.

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Generally, the payment of the monthly health insurance premiums is a 100% deduction for employees, and they provide a substantial deduction for owners. This is the single largest tax break an individual can take!
Monthly premiums for small business health insurance plans are lower than the monthly premiums for individual and family plans with similar benefits, and this year, the premium increases for small business health insurance plans are dramatically lower than the premium increases for individual plans.