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Open Enrollment Deadline Extended

If you’ve missed the Open Enrollment Deadline for Health Insurance, don’t panic.

There’s still time to enroll. Due to increased demand this year at HealthCare.gov, the open enrollment deadline has been extended. The extension is to December 19th to have active coverage by January 1st.

According to Alex Sampson from Health Benefits Associates, you can still enroll even if you missed the extended deadline. “First off, don’t panic… if you missed this deadline. This is because you’ve still got a deadline before January 15th,” said Sampson in an interview with KTVN last Friday. Enrolling by January 15th would get you coverage by February 1st, 2017.

While there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding Health Insurance in the current election, Sampson reassures us that you shouldn’t expect major changes to your plan for at least two years. This is because reforms and changes to health insurance tend to take some time to pass.

Watch the full story here: http://www.ktvn.com/story/34073631/january-1-health-insurance-coverage-deadline-extended