Finding the Right Plan G in Tahoe

Everyone enjoys life up at the Lake, but understanding insurance options can be confusing. Whether you are on the California side of Lake Tahoe or on the Nevada side, you can get a Medicare Supplement Plan G. Medicare Supplement Plans are also known as Medigap Plans. Your eligibility for a Plan G in Tahoe will be based on the county of your home address. You also need to meet the basic requirements for Medicare eligibility. People living in California will have different insurance company options compared to Nevada residents. Also, the rates will be slightly different depending on the State you reside in.

Nevada vs. California: Similarities

Besides these few differences, the Plan G in Tahoe will be the same in coverage regardless which side of the Lake you live in. Federal guidelines require the following benefits:

  • The Plan G has the same Part B deductible, regardless of which State you live in. To learn more about the benefits of a Plan G, please click here.
  • Every Plan G in the nation works with any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare.
  • People can enroll in a Plan G in Tahoe without answering health questions. To avoid health questions, you must enroll during a Guaranteed Issue Period or Special Enrollment Period.
  • Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, there is no Annual Enrollment Period for the Plan G. Unless you experienced a Special Enrollment Period, you will need to answer health questions if you want to switch plans or insurance carriers.

Nevada vs. California: Premium Differences

Generally speaking, Nevada residents have slightly lower Medicare Supplement premiums compared to people living on the California side of Tahoe. Many experts believe this to be the case since people living up at Lake Tahoe usually go to Carson City or Reno for health care needs. These cities are much closer than places like Roseville or Sacramento. As a California resident, your doctor or favorite hospital is most likely in Nevada. Out of state providers can cost more for insurance companies, which may explain why insurance plans for California residents in Lake Tahoe usually costs more. Fortunately, the monthly premiums are still very similar for California and Nevada residents in Lake Tahoe.