New GetInsured Platform for Nevada Health Link

On Tuesday, August 14th Nevada Health Link announced their new partnership with GetInsured. GetInsured will take over from beginning November 1st of 2019. This will be for plans starting January of 2020.

The original online enrollment platform for Nevada Health Link was with Xerox Corporation in 2014. Xerox set up an enrollment platform to help individuals and families purchase health insurance. Unfortunately, Xerox didn’t know what they were doing and failed miserably. The contact between Xerox and Nevada Health Link terminated in May of 2014.

The Original Transfer

For the 2015 year, every original member of Nevada Health Link needed to re-enroll in Reno health insurance. Although, no data transferred from the original Xerox platform to the new platform. Even members who had no issues and just wanted to continue their coverage needed to re-apply on

For the last 2 years, Nevada Health Link has been searching for a vendor for online enrollments. The main problem: cost. To continue to run on through 2020, it will cost Nevadans 13.2 million. Alternatively, Nevada Health Link is proposing moving back to a state-based platform, costing 5.1 million.

Response Times

Another key point – today any problems regarding enrollment go to Their response times and customer services are similar to the DMV. When Xerox controlled the platform, the employees of the call center in Carson City genuinely cared about solving issues. However, the call center staff can only do so much with their limited software capabilities.

The obvious problem is reliability. Many Nevadans are still reeling from the bad experience with Xerox. However, this new platform is currently running smoothly in 7 other states: California, Washington, Idaho, Connecticut, Mississippi, Minnesota, and New Mexico.


Additionally, the next hurdle would be re-enrollment. The move from Xerox to required all members to re-enroll. No data was transferred. The new platform will likely require the same re-enrollment.

For members, no changes are occurring until November of 2019. Until then we’ll see how this new rollout occurs. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to enroll in an insurance plan. As your health insurance broker, all our services are of no cost for you to use.