Medicare Supplement Washoe County

Medicare Supplement Washoe County

Medicare Supplement Plans in Washoe County

There are 10 Medicare Supplement plans in Washoe County.  The link is to the Nevada Department of Insurance.  It goes into more detail.  I will not go into the details of each plan here.  Instead, I will highlight what Medicare Supplements Plans provide. Here in Washoe County Nevada, you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan.  You can also choose a Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Supplement: What is it?

Medicare Supplement plans, supplement Original Medicare.  People oftentimes do not know what Original Medicare covers.  On the other hand, most people do not know their options.  Many folks are not sure what the differences are when it comes to Medicare.  This includes Original, Advantage, and Supplement.  If you live in Washoe County, then you have access to all three options.  There are a number of rural counties in Nevada where your options are limited.  Not here in Washoe County.  You have options.

Medicare Supplement Benefits

One of the biggest reasons my clients want to be on a Medicare Supplement plan in Washoe County is freedom.  Who doesn’t love freedom?  A Medicare Supplement plan covers any doctor that accepts Medicare.  This does not limit you to seeing a provider in Washoe County.  Many of my clients love this.  This is because they travel a lot.  On the other hand, they may have a vacation home. or on the other hand, reside in a different part of the country for part of the year.  Benefits include health care.  Unlike Medicare Advantage plans that often cover additional benefits.  Medicare Supplement plans only cover medical.  With this in mind, the trade-off for freedom makes it worth it. Keep in mind, that Part D is also not covered.  You will need to purchase that separately.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Medicare Supplement plans are offered in Washoe County.  Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, a Medicare Supplement plan is available in every county in Nevada.  If you like to travel or have a vacation home a Medicare Supplement plan may be right for you.  Knowing that you can see any doctor that accepts Medicare Supplement, is another great reason to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan.