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Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is what may be known as the third leg in Medicare.  The first two legs are Part A and Part B, with the fourth being Part D.  For instance, Part C covers the remaining balance that Original Medicare or Parts A and B do not cover.  That equals to about 20% of hospital and doctor visits.  Parts A and B cover roughly 80% of those costs.

Medicare Advantage

You may hear that Part C covers what Original Medicare does not.  You may also hear that Medicare Advantage covers what Parts A and B do not. This can be confusing.  It is important to understand that Part C and Medicare Advantage are the same things.  In addition, Parts A and B and Original Medicare are the same things.  People use these names to describe the different parts.

Part C Benefits

The benefits that are included in most Part C plans these days are bountiful.  They oftentimes include no deductible and a low maximum out of pocket.  Most plans cover Part D which is prescription drug coverage.  Part D included in Part C keeps costs down and accessibility high.  Additional benefits usually include dental, vision, hearing aids, and over the counter benefits. See the link here to find out more about Medicare Parts and Plans.

Over the Counter Benefits

Over the counter benefits are a wonderful benefit.  Moreover, they may include either a monthly or quarterly amount of money that is yours to use at many retailers and online distributors.  The items you can buy with your OTC benefit ranges from ibuprofen to adult diapers and cold medicine.  When choosing a Part C plan it is wise to make sure it includes an over the counter benefit.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the first step is to understand that Part C and Medicare Advantage are the same things.  After that is clear, keep in mind, it is important to shop for the best plan that works for you.  It is also imperative to be clear on what the out of pocket costs and copays are when you have a service provided for you.