Medicare Advantage in Washoe County

Medicare Advantage in Washoe County

Medicare Advantage Plans in Washoe County

Medicare Advantage plans in Washoe County vary.  In addition to the national insurance companies, there are two local carriers offering plans.  If you were to sign up through a broker outside of Nevada, you would never be offered these two plans.

Local Expertise

Going with a local Medicare Broker is much different than going through one outside of the Silver State.  That is an advantage because national brokers do not know about these local plans. Oftentimes, you will get signed up for a plan that is not the most beneficial for you.  That is where a local, knowledgeable broker comes in handy.


These plans here in Washoe County are some of the richest Medicare Advantage plans we have seen.  It is unfortunate that if you signed up with a broker not familiar with our local market you could be missing out.  These local carriers know their local community and they cater to their needs.  That is what makes them stand out compared to many of the plans offered by the “big boys” of insurance. If you ever need customer service you would most likely be talking to a broker that does not reside here in Washoe County.  It is also extremely important to know the differences between original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.  Going to Medicare.Gov is a great resource to research those differences.

Rural Counties

These two carriers do not just offer Medicare Advantage plans here in Washoe, they also cover most, but not all of the rural counties in Nevada.  Please call our office if you would like to get more information.  It is important to specify which county you reside in because the benefits and co-pays do differ from county to County

In Closing

In closing, there are many factors to look at when choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan. Especially if you are in Washoe County or one of many rural counties in Nevada.  One is your location.  Another is your needs as a Medicare recipient.  If you want to talk with a local broker here in Washoe County and are interested in a local carrier then it is important to find one here in Northern Nevada to shop all the plans that are offered here in our great state.