Moving to Nevada Medicare

Moving to Nevada – Medicare Advantage

Moving to Nevada – Medicare Advantage (MA)

When moving to Nevada on Medicare Advantage you will need a new MA plan that will cover doctors here in Nevada.  More specifically, you will want to find doctors here in Northern Nevada.

Qualifying Life Event (QLE)

In this paragraph, I will describe a QLE.  According to the HealthCare.Gov website, there are four basic QLE’s; insurance loss, moving out of state, U.S. citizenship, marriage/divorce.  However, there are more QLE’s, but these four of the basic events.  Being QLE eligible will allow you to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan at any time within 60 days of a QLE.  Without a QLE a person would have to wait for the annual enrollment period which starts on October 15 and ends on December 7th.

Choosing a Plan

Once eligible here in Nevada for a new Medicare Advantage plan, you will be faced with multiple plan options. To be eligible if you must sign up for a MA plan within 60 days of your QLE.  Be aware, if you do not sign up at that time, you will not be allowed to sign up for a new plan until the Annual Enrollment period.

Across the vast expanse of insurance companies that offer MA plans, I usually offer one of the local options. Additionally, here in Northern Nevada, two carriers offer MA plans.  Choosing a local insurance company keeps costs down and is more convenient for my clients. MA plans are a great choice for anyone on a fixed income.  There are many no cost and low costing plans.  I will help you go over each of the benefits offered by each carrier to find the best plan for you.  Keep in mind, those specific benefits are what is going to ultimately help you find the best plan and hopefully feel like you made the best decision.

In Closing

While it may seem like a straightforward process, it can be overwhelming.  For that reason and most importantly, I suggest finding a Medicare advisor.  Not just any advisor but, an advisor that will walk you through the process of choosing a Medicare plan. I will be your tour guide of all things Medicare Advantage here in Northern Nevada.  If you have any questions or need no-cost help choosing the perfect Medicare Advantage plan please call me. We are Health Benefits Associates