Nevada Health Insurance 2020

Nevada Health Insurance 2020

Each year insurance companies come out with new changes. In the past, members could keep the same plan from year to year. Now, in order to comply with federal law, they have to change. Federal law requires them to stay inside specific guidelines. These have to fall into metal categories, such as bronze plans, silver plans, and gold plans. Each year the calculations change and these plans cover a little less. The new Nevada Health Insurance 2020 plans are now released from many companies. 


Most insurance companies try to keep the changes small from year to year. For example, they might slightly increase the maximum out of pocket. Other companies try to keep the exact same plan design from year to year. The problem is, after a few years they need to make a major change to that plan because it will have fallen off of the end of a metal tier. Some insurance companies will make little changes every year, and others make a big change every few years.


Unfortunately, the rates change every year, no matter what. For Nevada Health Insurance 2020 plans, we’re seeing the rate increases are lower than ever. A lot of people might not think of this as a big advantage since rates are already high. We see it as a positive. Tapering rates, despite inflation and an average population that’s aging, is good. 


Many things have stayed the same for Nevada Health Insurance 2020 plans. We’re still seeing most insurance companies tied to specific hospitals. Today we have Renown hospital integrated with Hometown Health plans. Prominence Health Plans covers Northern Nevada Medical Center and St. Mary’s hospital in Reno. In Las Vegas, Health Plan of Nevada (United Healthcare) is still covering the majority of hospitals. Each insurance company is still billing ridiculous rates for seeing out of network doctors who aren’t on their list. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re on a small business plan, medicare, or individual health plan. Speaking with someone who can advise you is extremely important. Be sure to connect with someone who you trust and understands your local market before making a decision for Nevada Health Insurance 2020 plans.