Nevada Medicare 2020

Nevada Medicare 2020

There are numerous changes to the new Nevada Medicare 2020 plans. Specifically, Nevada Medicare 2020 Advantage plans change a little bit every year. Doctors may stop offering specific insurance or might begin accepting a certain plan. Prescriptions might become covered, or they stopped covering a prescription. There may be Medicare changes listed on the summary of benefits or you may have to dig to find them.

What is Medicare?


Medicare is a program available to the majority of Americans over the age of 65 and to those with certain disabilities. Original Medicare includes Parts A and B. Two parts come from the federal government, Part A and B. Part A is normally no cost if you’ve worked for more than 10 years. Part B usually has a monthly premium. For Nevada Medicare 2020 plans, the standard Part B premium will be $144.30.

Original parts A and B

Parts A and B cover roughly 80% of your medical expenses. The problem is, the other 20% can add up. It could be 20% of a very large number. To offset this, many people purchase either a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan. Most Nevada Medicare 2020 Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. Many of them are also no cost ($0 premium). There are however costs to see the doctor, specialists, labs, etc. 

Medicare Supplements

On the other hand, Medicare Supplement plans are more of a “pay upfront” deal. They have premiums that range from $110 to $180 per month. With these plans, you have the option to select different levels of coverage. Beginning for Nevada Medicare 2020 plans, the highest level will be plan G. Plan G requires you to pay the part B deductible ($185 for 2019). This is the new highest level benefit plan, replacing the plan F. Despite the changes, a Medicare Supplement plan G can be a great option if you qualify. You can use any doctor nationwide who accepts Medicare. Your prescription drug plan would be separate.