Reno Health Insurance 2020

News for Your 2020 Health Insurance Plan

Reno Health Insurance 2020

Google “Reno Health Insurance 2020” and you’ll find an abundance of resources. Skip the advertisements and don’t let them confuse you. Find a good health insurance broker who can quickly get you to what you want to know about your health plan.

There are many choices for group health insurance plans (employer-sponsored plans), but only two directions for under age 65 individual or family plans.

If you qualify for tax credits/subsidies you can only enroll through the state-based Exchange at the Nevada Health Link. The Federal Exchange will not offer Reno Health Insurance in 2020. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has submitted 10 plans for approval in every Nevada county (on the Exchange only). They will join the offerings from Health Plan of Nevada and Centene/Ambetter.

If you do not qualify for tax credits (usually because your income is too high) and are looking for a private plan, you will find HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) with different networks. A network is a group of Providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) the insurance company uses to provide services. You get the lowest costs by staying in the network.

There are only two health insurance companies that offer private Reno Health Insurance in 2020.

But, only one that offers PPOs. PPOs have more Primary Care Physicians and Specialists in their networks. PPO doctors command a higher price for their services. Because of that, PPOs cost more than HMOs.

In Reno, Sparks and Washoe county we are currently experiencing a mass influx of people moving out of California. There is a resulting strain on networks because of this, particularly with HMOs, because they cost less. It currently takes a long time to get in to see a doctor in an HMO network.

When looking for Reno Health Insurance in 2020, I recommend enrolling in a PPO, even though they cost more. The PPO networks are not as slammed as HMO networks are, making it easier to get in to see a doctor. Also, with PPOs, you do not have to choose a Primary Care Physician and you don’t need a referral to see a Specialist. PPOs are easier to use.

2020 Group Health Insurance in Reno is restricted to firms that meet criteria that the health insurance companies determine. Your broker can easily explain those to you, how to qualify for them and direct you to the insurance company that would work best for your firm.

When googling Reno Health Insurance 2020 be sure to look for a broker who does not charge a fee for their services and who has excellent reviews. Reviews reflect how well the broker is doing for our community. You want to be certain that you are working with a broker that puts your needs first, with the lowest price as well as the benefits that fit you the best.