Part D Drug Plans Nevada

Part D Is a Medicare Drug Program

Part D Drug Plans in Nevada

Part D is a Medicare plan that covers only prescription drugs. Those that have Parts A of Medicare are eligible to sign up for a Part D plan. These plans are purchased through a private insurance carrier, not the government. Parts A and B from the government only cover about 80% of your medical expenses and do not provide any coverage for prescriptions. You should consider enrolling in a Part D plan even if you are not regularly taking prescriptions. If you do not, you may be left with high out of pocket costs if you suddenly need to take prescriptions and you may also be assessed a penalty by Medicare for not enrolling. Below is a further explanation of how to enroll in Part D Drug plans in Nevada.

Do You Need Part D?

Depending on your plan choice, you may not need to enroll in drug coverage. The most common reason to not enroll in Part D is that you have a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drugs. This is called an MAPD plan. If you have an MAPD plan, this satisfies your drug requirement. You do not need to enroll in Part D and you will not have a penalty. Although, if you only have Original Medicare then you will need to purchase a Part D plan. Even if you have a Medicare Supplement or stand-alone Medicare Advantage plan, you should enroll in Part D. This will not only protect you from high expenses if you suddenly need to start taking prescriptions but you will also avoid the penalty for not having credible drug coverage.

Drug Plan Options

There are numerous different Part D insurance carriers to choose from. In addition to lots of carriers, there are also many different plans to select from each carrier. The official government website has a great tool to search through these plans. You can enter your prescriptions as well as your pharmacies and pull up the plan that is most affordable for you. When searching through these plans, you should filter the plans with the lowest drug expense + premium amount. This will give the least expensive plan that will cover your drugs at the highest level.