Senior Care Plus in Reno

Senior Care Plus in Reno

Senior Care Plus in Reno (SCP)

Senior Care Plus in Reno is one of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug plans offered in Nevada.  SCP is a syndicate of Hometown Health.  Here in Reno, Renown is the hospital that belongs to Hometown Health.  The Kaiser model seems to be what Hometown is following.  The hospital, the clinics, the lab, and the insurance company are all under one umbrella.


Starting in 2021 SCP will be offering a new Medicare Advantage plan.  The Renown Preferred Plan is a Medicare Advantage and Part D Plan.  Additionally, you may see it as Part C and Part D.  Most Medicare Advantage plans today include Part D.  It is important to verify that the plan you choose has Part D.  It is also key to sign up for Part D within your IEP or Initial Enrollment Period.  To avoid a lifetime penalty sign up for Part D when first eligible.

Renown Preferred Plan

Starting in 2021 Senior Care Plus is rolling out a brand new Medicare Advantage Plan.  As a result, the Renown Preferred Plan is a strong force in the Northern Nevada Medicare Advantage market.  This will be a competitive plan due to increased dental, vision, and hearing aid benefits.  In addition to those ancillary benefits, the prescription drug plan has also been revamped.  You must contact SCP if you want to change plans.  Unlike years past, you will not be automatically renewed into the new plan, members who are enrolled on a Senior Care Plus Medicare Advantage plan must ask to be changed into this new plan.

In Closing

In closing, SCP is offering a new plan for 2021.  It includes Part C and Part D.  Enrolling, or renewing this type of plan will assure that you have Part D drug coverage.  Unfortunately, the deadline has passed so you will need to wait until next October 15th to change MAPD plans.