When Should I Sign Up for Medicare in Reno?

When Should I Sign Up for Medicare in Reno?

When Should I Sign Up for Medicare in Reno?

When should I sign up for Medicare in Reno is a very popular question in my office? The answer is not as straightforward as one might guess.  Most people think that only people who are retired can sign up for Medicare.  That is not true.  A person can still be working and have Medicare.  Coincidentally, those who are still working can have one part of Medicare while delaying in enrolling in a different part. Typically, people who have worked in the United States for 10 years will automatically be sent a Medicare card with a Part A effective date.  Part A is free for those who have worked for 10 years.

Part B

On the other hand, Part B is not free.  There is a monthly premium.  This is usually taken directly from your Social Security payment.  Eligibility for Part B lasts for 7 months.  Three months before turning 65, the month of and three months after.  People who are still working oftentimes decide to delay in signing up for Part B, because they can enroll once they retire.  The key is that they are on creditable coverage and there are no lapses in their health insurance coverage.


If a person does not sign up for Part B, and they do not have creditable coverage a lifetime penalty will be assessed and taken out of their Social Security benefit.  It is important to sign up for Part B during the correct enrollment period.  Many people attempt to navigate the world of Medicare on their own and that can cause problems.  The enrollment dates are very specific and very important.

In Closing

You should sign up for Medicare at the correct time.  Medicare and the Center for Medicare Services regulate the dates.  If any part of the process is confusing, I implore you to talk to a licensed health insurance broker.  We have seven licensed health insurance brokers that can answer your Medicare questions.