Medicare Help in Reno Nevada

Medicare Help in Reno Nevada

Medicare Help in Reno Nevada

If you’re in Nevada and need help with Medicare in Reno, Nevada it is important to know the requirements. Part A is provided automatically.  That is if you worked in the United States for 40 quarters. Part B is not automatically provided.  If you want Part B you must enroll yourself. It is not a requirement.  There is a monthly premium that you will be responsible for.  In 2021 the minimum amount is $148.50.  Some people decide not to enroll in Part B.  For instance, they do not want to pay the premium. Additionally, they are on an employer plan. However, it is especially important to understand that if you are not on an employer plan with creditable prescription drug coverage, and you do not sign up for Part B three months after your 65th birthday then you could face a lifetime penalty.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is Part A and Part B and covers 80%.  Part A covers 80% of hospital visits.  Part B covers 80% of doctor’s office visits.  Medicare is not just for people who are 65 and retired.  If you have been on state disability for 24 months you may also be eligible for Medicare even if you are under 65.

Coverage: Remaining 20%

Coverage for the remaining 20% is handled by Medigap or Part C.  Therefore, Medigap is commonly referred to as Medicare Supplement.  Part C is commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage.  Part D is prescription drug coverage.  Neither Part C nor Medigap includes Part D.  If you do not sign up for part D when first eligible another lifetime penalty could be assessed.  For more specific information it is vital to speak to a licensed health insurance broker.  If you do not know the requirements for Medicare the penalties could be costly.

In Closing

In closing, Medicare Help in Nevada is a phone call away.  Above all, it could be the difference between a seamless transition into Medicare to a much more difficult and time-consuming process.  Additionally, it could also be more expensive than it needs to be.  Call a professional broker to assist you.  Finally, that is getting help with Medicare in Nevada.