Senior Care Plus Medicare Plans

How Medicare Part C Connects With Renown in Northern Nevada

Senior Care Plus Medicare Plans

Senior Care Plus is what is called a Part C plan. Part C is a portion of Medicare that lowers your out of pocket medical expenses and also often includes drug coverage. Many Part C plans also offer dental, vision, and other additional benefits. These plans change benefits every year during the Annual Enrollment Period so if you would like to get more information or enroll, please contact our office. Below is a brief explanation of how Senior Care Plus Medicare plans work as Part C and why it is one of the only Part C choices to cover Renown doctors.

How Part C Works

Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, is described by Medicare as an all in one package. This is because a Part C plan takes over Original Medicare. The private insurance company you choose is now the primary payer of your medical services. It also often covers prescription drugs which Original Medicare does not. This can make Medicare Advantage plans a simple and cost-effective way to use your Medicare benefits.

It is very important to understand that all Part C plans have doctor networks. You must use the list of covered physicians to avoid having to pay higher out of pocket expenses. Senior Care Plus Medicare Plans are no exception to this. In fact, all plans for Medicare with Hometown Health have a specific list of doctors. This list is just Renown physicians. The Renown Preferred Plan also only covers Renown doctors. Checking this list prior to receiving services is a great way to make sure the physician is contracted with the plan.

Enroll in the Renown Medicare plan by clicking on that link!

Additional Benefits

Original Medicare Parts A and B cover hospital and doctor visits. If you want additional benefits such as prescription coverage, dental, vision, or hearing aids then you would have to either enroll in a separate plan to cover these or pay out of pocket. Although, many Medicare Advantage plans actually incorporate these benefits into the plan. This means you can get medical, prescription, dental, vision, and other coverage included in the policy. If you are interested in the specific benefits that Senior Care Plus or Renown Medicare Advantage offers, please contact our office.