Parts Versus Plans

Senior Care Plus Renown Plans

Renown Preferred Medicare Plans

One of the largest networks of doctors in the area, Renown, has three different related health insurance brands. This can make things confusing for consumers who may not know how the relationships between these brands work. The insurance brands that work best with Renown are Renown Preferred Medicare Plans, Senior Care Plus, and Hometown Health. Below is a brief explanation of how these three brands might relate to you as the consumer.

Renown Medicare Plans

The Renown Preferred Plan is a Medicare Advantage plan provided by Senior Care Plus. Medicare Advantage plans generally have very low out of pocket expenses when using the policy. In addition, Advantage plans also often have little to no monthly premiums. Medicare describes Advantage plans as an all in one package. This is because many of these plans offer prescription drug coverage along with additional benefits. Some additional benefits include dental, vision, hearing aids, or gym benefits.

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Senior Care Plus

Senior Care Plus oversees Renown Medicare Advantage plans. Although, Senior Care Plus is the Medicare arm of Hometown Health. There are also additional Medicare plans besides Renown Preferred Medicare Plans that Senior Care Plus offers. If you have Medicare with Hometown Health, you will want to shop your options every year to make sure you have the best policy.

Hometown Health

You may be familiar with Hometown Health if you had insurance in Nevada before Medicare or had insurance from an employer. Hometown offers a wide selection of products for just about everyone in the state of Nevada. Since Renown owns Hometown Health, any Renown provider you see on a Hometown, Senior Care Plus, or Renown Medicare plan will be covered. If you currently have Hometown and you are transitioning to Medicare, a Renown Medicare Advantage plan may be a great way to go.