Medicare Advantage Nevada

Shopping Medicare Advantage Nevada


Medicare Advantage Nevada plans are a great way to go for people who are looking for a low monthly premium and excellent coverage. Medicare Advantage plans do have a downside though. In this video, I would like to explain what we’re seeing with Medicare Advantage Nevada plans.

Medicare is one of the most tightly regulated forms of insurance. In order to talk about specific Medicare Advantage plans, all Medicare agents need a Scope of Appointment form completed. I will be discussing general Medicare Advantage topics that apply to most Medicare Advantage Nevada plans.

I have another video that I would like you to see about when to enroll in Medicare Nevada, so I won’t discuss that here. I’ll just discuss the different options.

The Doctors

Medicare Advantage Nevada plans have doctors list. All applicants must use to receive medical care. If you use a doctor that is not on the list, you basically have no coverage, except for emergencies out of the area.  Some Medicare Advantage companies use a Preferred Provider Organization list. This is a PPO list of doctors and hospitals. Other companies use a more restrictive Health Maintenance Organization list, more commonly referred to as an HMO list.  Whether you are using a PPO list or an HMO list you will be required to use the doctors that are contracted with the Medicare Advantage plan.

Most Medicare Advantage Nevada plans include local doctors. They will cover you in case of an emergency if you’re outside the network but they usually don’t include doctors across the US. The most important thing to understand is that if you’re traveling a lot, a Medicare Advantage plan may not be for you. It will not give you the flexibility to see doctors out of their immediate service area for routine, non-emergency, visits or procedures. Most of the clients that I have who travel select one of our Medicare Supplement plans instead. These allow you to see any doctor, anywhere who accepts Medicare. This includes non-emergency visits.

Out of Pocket Limit

Nevada Medicare Advantage plans limit the amount that their members will pay out of pocket. Each plan also has a stated stop-loss limit is due each year. This is a cap to the amount you need to pay. Although, it only works if you receive 100% of your care from the Medicare Advantage list of providers. Original Medicare Nevada does NOT have this.

Most Medicare Advantage plan includes a Prescription Drug plan, also referred to as Part “D” of Medicare.  These plans are are MAPD plans. This stands for Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans.

Whether you choose a Medicare Advantage Nevada plans, or if you choose a Medicare Supplement plan, the amount that you pay the federal government for your part “B” coverage will be the same. I’ve compared Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage plans in more detail here!

Important Things to Look For!

First, check that your doctor is on the Medicare Advantage Reno plan list of physicians. Next, find your prescriptions on the Medicare Advantage formulary list. If both are covered at a reasonable price you may be able to save some money by using a Medicare Advantage Nevada plans. Some Medicare Advantage plans that we have available have very low monthly premiums.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan, call us! We can answer any questions you have. We can also help enroll you in a Medicare Supplement Reno plan.