Short Term Nevada Policy

What Short Term Plans Are Really Offering

Short Term Nevada Policy

In addition to clients asking about a short term Nevada policy, our brokers have even being solicited these plans over the phone. Even my own cell phone has received calls that have the same area code attempting to sell these products and you may have had a similar experience. Though the area code is the same, the call centers are usually in Florida or somewhere else that is not local. This is a trick to get you to answer since you are more likely to pick up when seeing a local number. It is important to understand what you are actually being offered when on the phone with these telemarketers.

These Plans are Not Qualified

Qualified policies must have certain benefits to legally be a health insurance Nevada plan. Of the required benefits, the main one to focus on is your maximum out of pocket. A maximum out of pocket is what truly allows it to be insurance. This moves the risk of personal bankruptcy from high medical bills due to a catastrophic event off of you and to the insurance company. A max out of pocket allows you to only spend a certain amount on medical expenses in a year. After you reach that point, the insurance company covers you for 100% for any additional costs you incur for the remainder of the policy year.

Short Term Plans Do Not Have This Benefit

Instead, a short term Nevada policy will have the opposite coverage called a maximum benefit. This means the policy will only give you a certain amount of cash before it cuts you off. This will leave you paying for all of your remaining expenses at a higher rate than if you had qualified Reno health insurance. If you have qualified, legal insurance, then you get a discounted rate for services even if your plan does not have a copay.

Our Office Can Sell These Plans

Potential clients sometimes believe that we cannot offer an inexpensive short term Nevada policy for various reasons. Our brokers work with many of the companies that sell plans like these and we are able to enroll you at any time. The reason we do not is that these plans are not substitutes for real insurance. A short term policy can supplement a qualified plan or provide you with some coverage while you are in between coverages, but these plans are not a permanent solution.

The agents attempting to sell you these policies will be very pushy and will ask you for a credit card to buy now for their “exclusive offers”. Our office will never push you into enrolling in a plan and will make sure that you fully understand what you are buying before you enroll. As your health insurance broker, we also do not cost anything to use. We do not charge fees and you will pay the same amount for the plan when enrolling.