Subsidized Premium Payment Issues to be Resolved for 2015

Having issues with your subsidized premium payment?

NV Health Link is drastically changing its subsidized premium payment policies and efficiency. Nevadans currently enrolled through NV Health Link are experiencing many issues revolving around the collection of premium payments. With 2015 Open Enrollment right around the corner, the state of Nevada expects significant changes in premium collection. Xerox, NV Health Link’s software administrator, will no longer be authorized to administer premium payments effective November 15th, 2014. Nevada’s State Board made a unanimous decision on this.

Moving forward, all private insurance carriers in Nevada will be collecting premium payments in-house. With years of premium collecting experience, Nevada’s private insurance companies are confident that the premium payment process will improve significantly.

Currently, there are over 2,600 Nevadans still having subsidized premium payment issues.

Xerox is working to fix these errors.

On October 1st, 2013 NV Health Link opened its web portal for the Affordable Care Act’s first Open Enrollment. Xerox originally processed monthly premium payments through 5 different mediums. These were online one-time payments, online auto-recurring payments, one-time payments over the phone, and payments mailed in via USPS.

Throughout the 2014 enrollment process, Xerox recommended against its own payment methods, further frustrating and confusing Nevadans. During May 2014, Xerox advised members to mail in payments via USPS. This was done rather than using its own online payment software due to unreliability. Today, Xerox is sorting through thousands of mailed in checks, further delaying enrollments for Nevadans.

With 2014 coming to a close, Xerox has yet to pinpoint the most effective payment style. Members should document their submitted payments to assist Xerox through this transitional period. Nevada’s State Board is confident that they will resolve these issue by 2015 Open Enrollment.

Our office can help you through this transitional period as well as work with Xerox to resolve any discrepancies.

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