Which Medicare Plans Accept Renown

Ensure You Have the Right Plan for Your Doctors

Which Medicare Plans Accept Renown?

The answer to this question depends on if you are already seeing a Renown doctor. If you are, you can sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan and continue to see this physician. If you are not currently established but you would like to switch, you will need to enroll in Medicare with Hometown Health. This could be the Renown Preferred Plan or another Medicare option from Hometown Health. Below is a brief explanation about these two options if you are unfamiliar with the difference. This article should provide all the answers on which Medicare plans accept Renown. If you still have questions after reading, do not hesitate to call us and ask.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C, is one of two choices to fill in the gaps Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Part C plans are described by Medicare as an all in one package. This is because Advantage plans have coverage for medical services and sometimes include prescription drug benefits. These plans also often include additional coverage such as dental, vision, or hearing aids. In addition, most Part C plans also have little to no monthly premiums! If you have a Part C plan and want to see Renown doctors, you will need a Renown Medicare Advantage plan. Since Part C plans have a specific list of doctors that are in-network, many Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada do not have contracts with Renown physicians. If you would like to switch your Part C plan to a policy that covers Renown, please give our office a call.

Enroll in the Renown Medicare plan by clicking on that link!

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans are another option to choose to help fill in what Original Medicare does not cover. These plans generally cover most, if not all, of your medical expenses after your Part B deductible. They also provide national doctor lists. If a doctor or facility accepts Medicare in the U.S. then they will take your Supplement plan. Supplement plans are a great way to have very low out of pocket medical expenses while giving you the most freedom to choose a doctor.

Although, Supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs. If you sign up for a Supplement plan, you will need to also enroll in a separate drug plan. Private drug plans are Part D of Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan, you do not need to enroll in a Part D plan. Many separate Part D plans are very inexpensive. Also, Part D allows you to find the plan that saves you the most on your prescriptions since it is separate from the medical policy.