United Medicare Nevada

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United Medicare in Nevada

When you are getting close to turning 65, you are most likely receiving a large amount of information regarding Medicare. The majority of this information is different carrier choices that you might choose for your medical policy. Since Original Medicare only covers about 80% of your expenses, you will want to enroll with one of these options to help protect you from high medical bills. One carrier option is a United Medicare Nevada policy. You have a couple of different choices when enrolling with United.

Medicare Supplement

United HealthCare operates its Medicare division under the AARP brand name. One Medicare plan choice when enrolling with AARP is a Medicare Supplement plan. Medicare Supplements fill in the 20% gap of expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. In addition, Supplement plans generally cover any doctor, nationwide, that accepts Medicare. All Medicare Supplement Nevada plans have identical benefits and cover the same doctors so it really comes down to price and any added benefits the carrier offers. Those that are currently a member with AARP often choose to add their medical coverage with them. Supplement plans do not include coverage for prescriptions so you will need to also add a separate drug policy.

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage Nevada plan is your other option when looking for a policy that will help cover your 20%. In addition to Supplement plans, United AARP also has an Advantage option. Their Advantage plan is called AARP Medicare Complete. The plan was previously known as Senior Dimensions but has since changed to a new brand. Medicare Advantage plans are generally much less expensive than Medicare Supplement policies. Although, they usually will only cover doctors that are participating in their local network. In addition, you will have more out of pocket expenses when using medical services as opposed to a Supplement policy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our office if you have questions about United Medicare plans or questions about Medicare in general. As a health insurance broker, our office can help compare all your options without any added fees or costs to you.