Anthem Nevada

Anthem Coverage in the State of Nevada

Anthem in Nevada

You might be familiar with the name Anthem, Blue Cross, or Blue Shield. These insurance companies are all very similar and operate jointly. In Nevada, Anthem is a large insurance carrier that offers many different products. Blue Cross and Blue Shield do not operate in this state. If you own a business or you are looking for Medicare Nevada plans, Anthem might be a great option. Below is some information on the different products they offer.

Group Health Insurance

Anthem offers insurance to both small and large employers. To start a group plan, you need a minimum of two unrelated full-time employees. Anthem has a unique option that many insurance companies don’t offer. They offer a national network. If you have employees that work in other states or travel often, this can be a great tool. Your employees will be able to see doctors in other states as opposed to just Nevada. Other insurance carriers might only cover doctors in Nevada leaving out of state employees with only emergency coverage. Anthem also offers dental and vision plans. You can complete your coverage with only one carrier making things simple and easy. If you would like to see prices for plans, please visit our quote page.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans are available to anyone turning 65 or older and are eligible for Medicare. An Anthem in Nevada Supplement policy will also provide a national list of doctors to choose from. Generally, you just need to ensure that the provider you are seeing accepts Medicare. This means many doctors in state and specialists and surgeons out of state can be in-network. A Medicare Supplement Nevada plan is a great choice of coverage when turning 65. During this time you do not have to answer health questions. Supplement plans often have the most doctors and lowest out of pocket costs when using the plan.

Medicare Advantage

Another Anthem Medicare option is the Advantage choice. Nevada Medicare Advantage plans often have $0 monthly premiums! This means you will not have to pay anything extra to enroll in the policy. In exchange, you get lower copay amounts when using medical services. You also often get dental, vision, and hearing coverage for no additional charge. You do have to continue to pay your Part B premium to the Social Security Administration. Advantage plans can be a great way to lower the monthly cost of your Medicare plan while also adding additional coverages not included in a Supplement plan.