Best Health Insurance in Northern Nevada for 2021

Best Health Insurance in Northern Nevada for 2021


Health insurance plans and rates change every year. During the annual Open Enrollment period November 1st 2020 to December 15th 2020, you’re given the opportunity to change your plan. During this same time, insurance companies notify you about the new 2021 rates. Frequently, the rates are higher. Most people use this opportunity to shop for lower rates and better coverage. However, this year in the best health insurance in Northern Nevada for 2021 may not be the company you think!


Best Health Insurance in Northern Nevada for 2021


Friday Health Plans (new)

Friday Health Plans is new to the market for 2021 in Northern Nevada. They previously have operated in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. For 2021 they’ve decided to rent their doctors list from Hometown Health Plans. They offer 6 plans, 1 Catastrophic, 3 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold. They’re available through Nevada Health Link but not outside of the exchange.

HMO of Colorado (Anthem)

Anthem is offering 11 plans this year, all HMO options. In Northern Nevada Anthem is only offering the Pathway X Guided Access HMO plans to individuals. This is a smaller list than what’s offered for the Choice PPO or standard PPO plans. Anthem does seem to be covering more doctors now on their Pathway X plans than they have in prior years. These plans are only available through Nevada Health Link. 

Health Plan of Nevada

United Healthcare owns Health Plan of Nevada. This isn’t to say that if a doctor accepts United Healthcare they automatically accept Health Plan of Nevada. This isn’t true. It operates as an independent company. Health Plan of Nevada works very well in Las Vegas. There, United Healthcare providers outnumber any other single medical group. However, in Washoe County this year Health Plan of Nevada is offering 18 plans. 11 through Nevada Health Link and 7 not involved with the exchange. 

Hometown Health Plan

Hometown Health Plans is offering 28 plans, 14 PPO plans and 14 identical HMO plans. The plans are identical except for the usual differences between a HMO vs PPO. These plans are not available through Nevada Health Link for 2021. Hometown Health and Renown share common ownership. Hometown covers Renown doctors and independent doctors. However, they don’t cover St. Mary’s or Northern Nevada hospital. 

Silver Summit (Ambetter)

Ambetter owns Silver Summit Health Plans. It’s is one of the nation’s largest Medicaid providers. Ambetter offers 36 plans in Washoe County for 2021. It’s is the primary choice for Northern Nevada members living in the rural counties. This includes those outside of Washoe, Carson, Douglas, Lyon and Storey counties. Ambetter has some of the highest premiums in all of Nevada. Almost all of their plans are sold through Nevada Health Link with the assistance of federal subsidies.



In order to compare all of these options please contact our office. We would be glad to have a more comprehensive discussion with you about your medical needs.  This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll need to speak with you to find out which insurance company works best. 


All information provided is for Washoe County, individual & families for 2021.