Health Insurance Broker in Reno Nevada

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Health Insurance Broker in Reno Nevada

Health Benefits Associates is a local brokerage for health insurance in the Northern Nevada area. As a health insurance broker in Reno Nevada for over 30 years, our office has provided excellent service and assistance to anyone needing help finding a health insurance policy. You can read some of the reviews our clients have left us by clicking here! We do not charge any fees for our services and we can help people shop and enroll with all insurance carriers operating in the state. This gives you a unique insight into the current insurance market so you can make an informed decision about the best coverage for you.

Shopping for a Plan

Our office helps with group/business policies, Medicare, as well as individuals and families. There are many different plans and insurance carriers depending on which group you fall in. Some insurance carriers operate in all three markets while others may just operate in one. Everyone’s situation is unique and there is no one size fits all plan available. Depending on your doctors, health needs, and preferences one carrier will be a better choice than the other. Our brokers can help you find this choice.

Why Use a Broker?

Since our office does not charge fees, you can get a no-cost opinion on your current plan and whether or not another policy will be a better fit for you. We are always available 12 months out of the year for our clients to assist with their plans. If you have any changes or run into any problems, we are your first point of contact to help. We also help our clients shop for new plans every year. The health insurance market is always changing and if you are looking for health insurance in Reno, there may be a better plan option this year that wasn’t available last year.

Give our office a call if you need help with your plan or if you would like to add a health insurance broker to your policy. We can let you know if you currently have the right plan for you with no pressure to make any changes!