Better Business Bureau Association Plans

Hometown Health, a local insurance company in Nevada, is now offering health insurance through the Better Business Bureau Association Plans. Renown hospital owns Hometown Health. Also, they are the only non-profit insurance company in Nevada.  These new Better Business Bureau Associations Plans will be available to small employers as well as Sole Proprietors. Association health plans will be available as early as January 1st, 2019.

Significant Savings

The Better Business Bureau Association Plans are much lower in price compared to the rest of the market. These plans are roughly 21% lower in price compared to Hometown Health’s standard 2019 small group plans. The Better Business Bureau Association Plans are roughly 43% lower in price compared to Hometown’s individual and family plans.

Employers will save even more money by paying the premiums pretax. Through Section 125 of the IRS Code, employers can pay premiums pretax on eligible group plans. Individuals and families shopping on their own are not able to receive this pretax benefit. Individuals and families currently enrolled in coverage outside of a group plan must pay premiums post-tax.

Plan Designs & Networks

The BBB Hometown Health Plan will be available in both HMO and PPO. There will be 3 Bronze HMO, 3 Silver HMO, and 3 Gold HMO plans. There will also be 3 Bronze PPO, 3 Silver PPO, and 3 Gold PPO Plans. A handful of these plans will be HSA Compatible.

The network lists for these plans can be found here on Hometown Health’s website. HMO plans will use the Signature HMO Network. PPO Plans will use the Commercial PPO Network.

Quoting & Enrollment

Any health insurance broker in our office can quote these plans for you today. We do not charge any fees to quote and enroll. The final enrollment guidelines will be available in late December 2018. For the time being, we can still prepare plan benefit and rate comparisons. Once all of the Underwriting guidelines are available, we will help you with the enrollment paperwork, at no extra cost to you.