Having issues with your subsidized premium payment? NV Health Link is drastically changing its subsidized premium payment policies and efficiency. Nevadans currently enrolled through NV Health Link are experiencing many issues revolving around the collection of premium payments. With 2015 Open Enrollment right around the corner, the state of Nevada expects significant changes in premium… Read More

Group Insurance vs. Individual Insurance Most people have two choices when shopping for health insurance. 1. “On-Exchange” Nevada Health Link plans, and 2. “Off-Exchange” private health insurance plans. You might be a small business owner with a third option – 3. Group Health Insurance or small business health insurance. The differences between group insurance vs. individual insurance continue… Read More

Beneficiaries that participate in Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D may have to pay higher premiums. This depends on your income, due to 2014 Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts. If you’re categorized as a “high earner” you’ll be paying more for Medicare parts B and D. The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be… Read More

The Affordable Care Act is a complicated law. Many insurance companies are having difficulty first understanding and then complying with the Affordable Care Act. This undoubtedly leaves insured families in an even more confusing position. Traditionally Nevadans have trusted the experience of local insurance brokers to provide unbiased advice about the current insurance market. This… Read More

The Affordable Care Act had made insurance a constantly changing thing. I’m constantly asked, “What do I need to know for today?” So here is an update on a few of the most important changes for health insurance in 2015. This isn’t a comprehensive list but it will apply to the majority of our clients. FOR… Read More

Medical Premium Surcharge Tobacco users in Nevada are feeling the adverse side effects of their personal habits. Tobacco usage is not only hurting the health of many Nevadans but also their wallets. With new health care reform mandates, tobacco users will see an increase in their monthly medical premium surcharge. Due to the Affordable Care… Read More

SEP Enrollment Eligibility Uninsured Nevadans are looking for ways to enroll in new medical plans mid-year. With new Affordable Care Act mandates, you may qualify for SEP enrollment eligibility, allowing you and your family to sign up for insurance outside of Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment for the 2015 plan year begins on November 15, 2014.… Read More

Prominence Health Plans, formerly Saint Mary’s Health Plans,  just released nine (9) new small group plan designs that will be available on October 1st, 2014. These plans are available for employer groups with 2 – 50 employees. All nine Prominence Health Plans are in full compliance with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. These… Read More

This morning on the phone I was told, “I have had the same doctor and Anthem insurance for over 10 years, what do you mean they won’t accept my insurance now!” Finding a doctors who accept on-exchange health plans may be more difficult than it seems. ACCEPTED INSURANCE? When many Nevadans purchase an “On-Exchange” (healthcare.gov) policy, they… Read More

During the upcoming “Open Enrollment Period”, all Nevadan’s will be asked to re-enroll for a 2015 health insurance plan so that they will have a plan in force during 2015. Even though more than 18,000 Nevadans may have a new 2014 Exchange health insurance plan in-force today, the federal “Affordable Care Act” requires everyone that… Read More